Ahus Akivi (north west)

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Today you will explore three of the most important Moai sites on Easter Island, whilst also having the opportunity to see reconstructions of traditional villages, with houses that resemble upturned canoes with tiny doorways. This half-day shared excursion includes the ceremonial platforms of Ko Te Riku, Tahai and Vai Uri, as well as Moai of various shapes and sizes, all which were restored in 1974. You will continue to Ahu Akivi, to see the row of seven restored Moai; according to legend, these represent the first explorers who arrived on Rapa Nui. Finally, you shall visit the quarry at Puna Pau, where you’ll see the red stone which was used to make the pukau: the moai’s topknots or hair, which were often mistakenly confused as hats or headdresses.

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